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While chatting by video call with her friend, a terrifying entity appeared behind her

junio 5, 2019

Can you imagine that while you are chatting with a friend in a video call, she sees something more from behind you, and when she asks you if you are with someone else, you say no, that you are completely alone …?

Many will think that it could be a relative or a friend who quietly entered the home, or could even be a thief. But if the woman is sure that there is no person, the situation becomes more chilling.

This shocking situation happened to two friends while they were talking on a video call, one of them caught an entity moving behind her friend.

Lori Simmons and Shana Thomas chatted on video from her cellphone. After a while when Lori was walking around her house, Shana asked if there was anyone else with her.

Lori replied that she was alone in the house, but later she reviewed the video and saw a shadowy silhouette behind her.

Lori knows that what was not a human, she thinks it is the spirit of a child but if not, she thinks that it could also be an extraterrestrial.

Lori could not believe that terrifying situation, she locked herself in her daughter house for a few days while recovering from the fright, until a friend of hers made a spiritual cleaning in her home.

Lori lives in an apartment located in the oldest neighborhood of Yakima, Washington and her property was built in 1935, near the place there is a hospital.

Can the paranormal figure that appeared in the video call belong to the hospital?

After the chilling event, Lori will continue living alone in her apartment.

Below is the video of the spooky video call from Lori and Shana.

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